For premium uPVC French casement windows in Polegate, Eastbourne, Hailsham, Seaford, Shoreham-by-Sea, Worthing, Brighton, Bexhill and across East Sussex choose Windows Xpress. Our British-manufactured French casement windows are made by Liniar, using the latest uPVC materials and glazing technology – resulting in a flawless design.

French windows are a great addition to any East Sussex property. These stylish windows impart a continental flair to your home. They are also wider than regular casement windows, giving you better light, ventilation, and views of the outside world. You also get a fantastic safety feature as these windows are wide enough to qualify as emergency exits, like in the case of a fire.

While these are great reasons to choose uPVC French casement windows for your home, our windows also offer a number of additional features. One of the most important benefits they give you is their unparalleled heat efficiency. These French windows come with a clever broken-up profile to give your home better insulation than ever.

This exceptional multi-chambered design is combined with a high security system by Yale, giving you a Secured by Design level of protection. This makes our Liniar French Casement windows superior to any previous design. Their advanced uPVC materials also mean they are easily maintained, making them a great investment for your home. Available in a host of colours and finishes, you can create a window that matches your home and expectations perfectly.

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Features & Benefits of uPVC French Casement Windows

Customised French Windows

Completely tailored to you, our French casement windows are customised to your requirements. We provide you with a variety of options, allowing you to create uPVC French casement windows that match your taste as well as your décor.

With a wide array of hardware and colour options, glazing and finishes, these windows are sure to blend beautifully with your home. Our French casement windows will enhance the appearance of any property with their fabulous looks. These windows offer ultra slim sightlines and clean, modern aesthetics with their sleek chamfered profile.

Colours & Finishes

As a homeowner, you would want your replacement uPVC French windows to match your existing fittings. You would also want them to be coordinated with the colour scheme of your property and interiors. This is why we give you a wide variety of colours and finishes from which you can choose.

This choice allows you to not only perfectly colour-match your windows, but also transform them into authentic-looking wooden windows with our woodgrain finishes.

We offer a diverse colour range which includes colours such as White, Cream and Irish Oak for your French casement windows. Whether you are looking for classic or contemporary finishes, we have the right solution for you. For those after a more luxury finish, we also offer a bespoke range of colours such as Chartwell Green and Grey.

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Energy Efficient Profile

Liniar’s revolutionary multi-chambered profile offers high levels of efficiency. Our French casement windows offer superior heat retention and are capable of achieving an energy rating of A+12 – the highest possible window rating.

They accomplish this through their clever multi-chambered profile that creates a layer of insulation between your home and the outside. Since heat does not escape through the windows, your home warms up faster. It also stays warm longer. This way, you can save money on your heating bills with our energy-efficient uPVC French casement windows.


When you choose our French casement windows you benefit from a state of the art window system. Our French casement windows have been expertly engineered so that they are 100% Lead-free and fully recyclable. This gives you a guilt-free double glazing option where you know your uPVC French casement windows won’t add to the burden on the environment.

Additionally, our windows also help you reduce your carbon footprint by reducing your energy consumption. Since our uPVC French casement windows lower your energy requirements with their heat efficient design, you become less reliant on fossil fuels. Meeting EU and UK legislation ahead of time, Liniar’s French casement windows are truly ground-breaking.

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Low Maintenance

Extremely low maintenance, the option of an easy-clean hinge makes our French casement windows a superb option for those with a busy lifestyle. The easy to clean hinges allow access to both faces of your French casement window which is particularly effective in a high rise property or upstairs window.

What’s more, these uPVC French casement windows offer a resilient surface with their specially-treated colour foils. Their coating is scratch-resistant and does not absorb moisture. As a result, any stains on the windows can be easily wiped clean. As a result, all you need to maintain them is to wipe them occasionally.

Emergency Exit

Building Regulations require every floor of a building to have a window that can be used as an emergency escape route. The basic requirement for this is a window that is wide enough to climb out of. Our uPVC French casement windows, with their wide aperture, meet this criterion perfectly.

Ideal for narrow openings that function as a fire exit, our French casement windows are compliant with Part B of building regulations. These uPVC French casement windows open wide, allowing easy access in case of an emergency such as a fire. Many homeowners install these windows in hard to reach places within their home as a result of their safety benefits.

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Flexible Opening

Our French casement windows can open independently from the slave sash, providing variable ventilation. This controlled ventilation device allows both vents to be opened fully as well as independently. Our uPVC French casement windows allow you to benefit from secure ventilation whilst allowing fresh air to circulate your home.

This feature also gives you a window that offers a view that is unobstructed. Once you open both the sashes, the flying mullion, which is the central pillar between the sashes, also swings out with the slave sash. This gives you a wide opening with nothing impeding your view.

10 Year Guarantee

When you buy windows for your East Sussex home, you want to be sure that they will last a while. This is why we give you high-quality uPVC French casement windows that are durable and secure. In fact, we offer you additional assurance to prove our confidence.

Our French casement windows are guaranteed for a minimum of 10 years from the date of installation. You can buy with the assurance of knowing that your windows are guaranteed not to warp, split or discolour. We even offer an insurance-backed guarantee on the locks, where you get £1000 in the event of a break-in due to faulty locks.

uPVC Profile

Liniar uPVC Profile

Market Leading uPVC

We source our uPVC profiles from one of the market leading manufacturers, Liniar. uPVC has always been a low heat conductor. Liniar have built multiple chambers inside the uPVC profile which enhances the thermal efficiency further. The chambers allow the profiles to create a thermal barrier by trapping passing air and, when combined with our glazing, you can achieve U-Values as low as 0.8 W/m²K. When you opt for Liniar uPVC double glazing, you will be provided with a wealth of benefits for your upcoming home improvements in Polegate, Eastbourne, Hailsham, Seaford, Shoreham-by-Sea, Worthing, Eastbourne, Brighton, Hastings and throughout East Sussex.

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uPVC Benefits:

  • Thermal Efficiency
  • Low Maintenence
  • Attractive Profiles
  • Durability
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Weather Resistant
  • Higher Energy Savings

uPVC French Casement Windows

Wide Aperture

Sculptured or Chamfered Profiles

Easy-Clean Hinges

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uPVC French Casement Window Prices, Eastbourne

We can provide you with instant French casement window prices in Eastbourne, Polegate and throughout East Sussex. Use our online pricing engine to calculate a unique window cost. Our window price calculator is extremely easy to use and is absolutely free. Choose from a selection of style and colour options as well as security locks and get your personalised French casement window quote.

You can also get in touch with us if you require any additional information. We will help you with the advice and any product details that you may require. Once you are sure about what you want, we will give you a customised uPVC French casement window price as well.

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