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by / Monday, 23 November 2015 / Published in News, uPVC Doors in East Sussex

Looking for a new uPVC door for your East Sussex home? Is your existing front door looking a little weary? Do you keep a draft excluder by your door? Is it damp in the mornings? Does rain or wind find its way through the softening wood of your old door?…Do you know how much money you could save on your energy bills with our uPVC doors?

uPVC doors are designed with two things in mind. Weatherproofing and security. It just so happens that they are environmentally friendly and easy to clean. Supplied by Liniar, our uPVC front doors meet 2016 energy efficiency standards before time.

Alas, Summer has been and gone and the Winter chill is settling in. The evenings are dark, rain falling, and your central heating is on. Just in the evenings at first. Around six o’clock when the wind picks up and the temperature in your house dives.

How do you turn the dial down and save money on your heating bills? Purchasing an energy efficient UPVC front door would be the perfect place to start.

Studies show that up to 20% of heat escapes through your East Sussex door – every single day! To help you out this Winter, we are offering fantastically low prices on all uPVC doors.

uPVC Front Door East Sussex

uPVC Doors, Ready Whatever the Weather

uPVC doors are built to resist whatever mother nature throws their way.

Our uPVC front doors use a unique structure of double rebated outer frame profiles and multi-chambered technology to form a powerful weather deterrent, perfect for your East Sussex home. The combination of an easy to clean surface and superior weather seals truly set our uPVC doors apart from the competition.

The design of the uPVC front door is both clever and unique. Liniar’s objective is to construct products that combine utility and functionality. A clear example of this thoughtful approach is the way the hinges are concealed into the double rebated frame.

This keeps them out of sight and away from any dirt and grit. Assuring that your replacement door remains easy to use with little maintenance. Just a small example of the attention to detail built into your new uPVC front door.

uPVC front door hinge East Sussex

Here at Windows Xpress we supply and install a huge range of uPVC front doors. We are proud to work in partnership with Liniar to provide our customers with only the highest quality products.

uPVC Doors reduce your energy bills

Whoops! How do uPVC front doors save you money would have been a more appropriate title. Well, here’s how.

Warm air is trapped in the frame to assure that cold air cannot pass through. Multi chambered technology, specially designed glazing flippers and thermal dams all work together to drastically reduce water seeping through. This remarkable design also works to combat noise pollution.

What’s more, all our uPVC doors include patented double action bubble gaskets. These tight weather seals stop water making its way into the inner of the frame. A systematic and logical approach to protecting your door from water damage. Prolonging the life of your uPVC front door.

We did mention that all our uPVC front doors come with a ten year warranty right? Cracking, warping and discolouration are all covered by this guarantee.

Safety and security. Guaranteed.

At Windows Xpress we know that when it comes to security nothing but the best will do. We’ve teamed up with praised lock manufacturer Yale to bring you total security for you and your loved ones.


uPVC door lock East Sussex

Your uPVC front door is secured at three separate places. For starters the central latch works with an anti-separation hook, creating a sturdy locking point central to the door. Next, we add two claw hooks. One at the top and one at the bottom. This generates three separate binds between the door and the frame.

The Lockmaster multipoint, supplied by Yale, is one of the most secure on the market. Windows Xpress offer a solid ten year warranty against malfunction, in association with Yale. We wholeheartedly support their £1000 security guarantee. This means that in the unlikely event of a break in you will be entitled to compensation towards your home content insurance.

Save money this winter

Windows Xpress offer our customers a free and easy to use no obligation quote service. Simply follow the link to get yours today. Remember, all our uPVC doors come with a ten year guarantee.