Composite doors are a great way to make a beautiful lasting impression and beautify your home. At Windows Xpress, we offer gorgeously modern composite doors across Polegate, Eastbourne, Hailsham, Seaford, Shoreham-by-Sea, Bexhill, Worthing, Brighton and East Sussex.

Our selection of double glazed door designs from market leading suppliers Endurance and Hallmark is tailored to give your home the best possible performance as well as exceptional looks. They are manufactured using the latest uPVC technology but give you that authentic timber look. Due to this, our replacement composite doors look indistinguishable from the wooden doors that are being replaced.

Additionally, you get your composite doors fitted to your exact specifications. You can tailor them to suit the security and heat performance you want. The best part is, these composite front doors are designed to last long. This means you get long-term performance, giving you the best possible value for your investment.

If you choose an Endurance composite door, you will have a broad array of different colours to choose from. There are minimalist options as well as vibrant reds and blues. You can choose from the Country, Urban or Classic styles too, meaning there’s something for every style of home in Polegate and the surrounding areas.

Our modern composite doors may look just like wooden doors but they provide up to 6 times better thermal performance. These doors are so well-insulated that they block noises and sounds just as effectively as the cold and rain. In fact, they are so well-secured that they effectively keep out unwanted visitors as well.

Additionally, the clever composition of materials gives you composite front doors that are incredibly robust and durable. These doors will give you years of hard-wearing performance. Our composite doors are also extremely durable when it comes to resisting physical damage. Since this includes surface stains and scratches, it means you need to provide just the most basic care.

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Features & Benefits of Composite Doors

  • Traditional Design

We bring you carefully crafted composite doors that are designed to match the aesthetics of all properties and architectural styles. This includes properties that require that authentic traditional aesthetic.

This is why we offer charming and rustic designs as well as modern composite doors. The best part is, the old-style designs don’t mean dated performance, so you can get all the latest features with your composite doors.

  • Low Maintenance

Our range of Hallmark and Endurance doors are amazingly durable. They consist of a blend of materials carefully put together, so you get enhanced durability and resilience. As a result, your doors give you longer-lasting performance.

What’s more, their sturdiness extends to their outer appearance as well. This means you don’t need to spend more than a few minutes wiping down your doors with a wet cloth to keep them looking good.

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  • Energy Efficient

Our modern composite doors are made up of not just uPVC but a combination of materials. They have a wooden core covered with insulating foam. As a result, they give you superb energy efficiency.

These double glazed doors help keep the heat retained within. As a result, your home needs less energy to become warm and stay warm. This leads to lower heating bills for you as well as a reduced carbon footprint.

  • Weather-Tight

In addition to giving you a home that does not let the heat out, our double glazed composite doors also serve to keep out cold draughts and rainwater. We give you doors that utilise innovative manufacturing techniques to give you durable seals.

What’s more, our installation is designed for incredible weather-tightness. As a result, your home stays as dry as it is warm, no matter how bad the weather is outside.

Classic Composite Doors in Polegate, Eastbourne
  • High Security

All our composite front doors are designed to give you superior protection. They have all been rigorously tested for strength and security, and comply with all industry specifications.

Additionally, they are fitted with advanced locking systems that are as secure as your doors themselves. As a result, you get complete peace of mind with the knowledge that your home is safe from all intruders and break-in attempt with our composite doors.

  • Bespoke Styling

We understand that no two homes are similar. This is why we offer our customers a complete range of designs, colours, finishes, and hardware so they can tailor the doors to their liking.

As a result, your composite front door can look exactly as per the architecture of your home as well as your taste. This way, you can design your home the way you want it, and make it stand out with its gorgeous looks and fabulous performance.

  • Sustainable Doors

All our composite doors are designed to be sustainable, without being a burden on the environment. To this end, we ensure that these modern doors are completely recyclable and 100% Lead-free.

When combined with the fact that they also help reduce your energy consumption, you can see why these composite doors are the right choice for you. They can help you save money as well as the planet!

  • Guaranteed Performance

Our modern composite doors are innovatively crafted using a combination of materials. Any drawbacks of one material are minimised with another one. As a result, your composite front doors have more strength than any other door.

In fact, our doors are so hard-wearing that we offer a 10-year guarantee on their performance. As a result, you can have complete confidence in your home improvement investment.

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Windows Xpress is an efficient local double glazing company for customers in East Sussex. We have a team of experts in both the trade double glazing sector and residential double glazing sector.

By choosing us as your double glaziers, you can be confident that you will receive the highest quality products and a smooth installation. We use market-leading manufacturers for our products and can offer you a variety of home improvement options.

Knowing that we are a Certass verified company should give you peace of mind.  You can also check out our reviews on our CheckaTrade Profile and our Google listing to see what our customers have said about us.

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We offer amazingly competitive composite door prices all over Eastbourne, Polegate, and East Sussex. What’s more, we have a wide selection of price points as well as designs. As a result, you will be able to tailor the doors to your home as well as your budget.

To get an instant estimate of the prices, you can use our online quoting engine. This clever tool will use the specifications you enter to give you your bespoke composite door quotes. You can also get in touch with us to find out more about our products and get your personalised composite door prices directly from us.

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