Windows Xpress offer great looking aluminium windows throughout Polegate, Eastbourne, Hailsham, Seaford, Shoreham-by-Sea, Worthing, Brighton and the neighbouring areas of East Sussex. Made using the Smart Architectural Aluminium, our durable and versatile aluminium windows are maintenance free, making them a fantastic investment for your home.

Designed to suit a wide range of properties, our aluminium windows are available in a comprehensive range of stunning, and elegant styles. Stronger than other products on the market, our Smart aluminium windows offer super slim frames whilst providing excellent structural rigidity.

Slimmer frames mean more glass, which means you receive additional light into your home. Our aluminium windows will transform the appearance of your Brighton property, making it appear bigger and brighter.

These windows also give you amazing performance, making your home warmer and more secure. These robust aluminium windows give you greater strength and resilience. They also protect your home from cold and damp conditions with their Next Generation Thermal Break Technology.

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Features & Benefits of Aluminium Windows

Customised Aluminium Windows

Aluminium is very flexible in addition to being incredibly strong. This allows aluminium windows to be manufactured to your exact specifications, in the shape you desire. They can even be moulded into unconventional shapes, which other materials can’t.

In addition to the shape and size, you can choose them in virtually any RAL colour and finish available to you. Available in a comprehensive range of glass options, these windows are a far cry from bulky and unsightly windows. A smooth and sleek profile ensures a seamless finish.

Contemporary Aluminium Window Design

One of the hallmarks of aluminium windows is their delicate looking appearance. Despite the innate strength, these windows provide you with a stunning, clean and contemporary look. If you are looking for a seamless finish, then our aluminium windows are a perfect choice.

Due to their strength, these double glazed aluminium windows are capable of achieving slimmer profiles and still bear the weight of the glazing. With their slim frames and larger glazed areas, they add a modern appeal to your home. You also get unobstructed views and more natural light.

Aluminium Windows Designs

Thermally Efficient Aluminium Windows

Our aluminium windows give a high thermal performance. The Smart Architectural Aluminium profile is the most energy efficient product on the market. These windows feature the Next generation Thermal Break Technology that reduces condensation by preventing warm air from escaping your property.

As a result, our double glazed aluminium windows will help keep your home warmer and damp-free with less heating. You reduce your energy consumption which means lower heating bills and carbon footprint. These windows have great acoustic properties in addition to insulating properties. This gives you a quieter home as well as a warmer home.

Secure Aluminium Windows

Since our aluminium windows are so sturdy that they are not easily damaged by force. This means any potential intruder will have a hard time getting into your home through your windows. As a result, they help you sleep peacefully at night, knowing that your home is protected and safe.

In addition to the strength that is inherent to them, our windows are also fitted with advanced locking systems. These locking systems, combined with the rigidity of the windows, help keep your home and family protected from break-ins.

Aluminium Windows vs uPVC

Low Maintenance Windows

Aluminium as a material does not degrade easily. It does not rust like iron, or rot and decay like timber. As a result, moisture or heat do not cause our durable aluminium windows to lose their integrity or appearance. Our aluminium windows are highly resistant to weathering and will maintain their appearance despite any harsh weather conditions.

In short, these windows will never crack or warp over time. As a result, they don’t need much care to keep them looking fresh and performing impeccably. Simply wipe them with a wet cloth and these aluminium windows will retain their bright colour and attractive appearance over many, many years.

RAL Window Colours

With RAL colours, you get a wider selection of colours and finishes to choose from. We offer a range of 150 colours that you can get for your windows. This way, you can match your aluminium windows to the interior and exterior of your home.

The RAL colour ensures that our aluminium windows will complement all types of property and décor. A powder coating gives a quality finish to the frame, making re-painting unnecessary. Our aluminium windows can be made in any RAL colour including different colours inside and out.

Slimline Aluminium Windows

Sustainable Windows

We give you modern aluminium windows that are free from Lead and are also completely recyclable. Additionally, these windows are so durable that you will not need to replace them for years. As a result, not only do you not need to change them frequently but also when you do, they won’t add to landfills.

Aluminium can be recycled multiple times without losing any of their fine properties. This means that recycled aluminium windows will be as strong and sturdy as those that are made out of fresh aluminium. Combine this with the fact that these windows also help you save energy, and you can see how these windows are the responsible choice.

Guaranteed Performance

Our double glazed aluminium windows are designed to give you great performance and features. All of these are designed to improve your home’s appearance as well as the way it performs. These windows will be a fantastic investment for you even after years.

We are so certain that our aluminium windows will work perfectly that we offer a 20-year guarantee on their performance. This guarantee will help you have the confidence in your investment as well as your windows.

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Durable Aluminium Windows

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