P-Shape Conservatories in Polegate

We offer stylish and unique p-shape conservatories in East Sussex. For those home owners after a sophisticated space, the p-shape conservatory is ideal. As with all our conservatories, the p-shape allows you to benefit from stunning aesthetics, just on a larger scale.

Our p-shape conservatories ingeniously bring two traditional conservatory styles together to create a distinctive and contemporary conservatory. This style will provide you with a spacious floor plan and can be used to link to different rooms within a property.

Create the impression of great light and space. The p-shape conservatory offers an impressive structure which can be used as separate living areas. Whether you choose to make use of both a dining room and living room or kitchen and diner, the p-shape conservatory provides you with the versatile space you need.

Features & Benefits

A p-shaped conservatory can become an integral part of your property. Offering beautiful aesthetics and flexibility of space, this style offers long lasting benefits which will not only help add value to your home, but will also improve your way of living.

What will you use your p-shape conservatory for? A play area for the children or relaxing sun lounge? Whatever your choice, a p-shape conservatory will provide you with a multi-purpose space you can enjoy throughout the year.

P-Shape Conservatories in Polegate

Versatile Design

The versatile p-shape conservatory will provide you with the space you require without imposing on your garden. This rounded part of this conservatory style can be specified in either a 3 or 5 segment design with the return part having a hipped roof or lean-to end.  Due to its connecting shape, this conservatory style can be split into 2 rooms or if preferred, be used as one large room.

P-Shape Conservatories in East Sussex

Stunning Views

The p-shape style conservatory provides a beautiful scenic view of your garden. The circular bay fives you full scope of your garden whilst allowing you to keep an eye on your children while they play. The circular bays also allow light in from lots of angles, creating a bright and welcoming atmosphere.

P-Shape Conservatory

Low Maintenance

Our uPVC p-shape conservatories are incredibly robust. Tough and durable, our conservatories will provide you with lasting aesthetics with minimal maintenance. Our conservatories are guaranteed not to rust, warp or corrode like other materials.

Energy Efficient

Our energy efficient p-shape conservatories will help keep heating costs down, providing you with a warm and comfortable space all year round. Chosen for their excellent insulation properties,  uPVC conservatories are extremely weather proof.

P-Shape Conservatory Prices

So, how much do p-shape conservatories cost? This very much depends on your individual specifications such as size, style, glazing and build type. We offer instant conservatory prices online with our clever conservatory quoting engine. For unbeatable conservatory prices in East Sussex, see our conservatory prices.