Gable Conservatories in East Sussex

Our stunning gable conservatories in East Sussex are grand on every level. This gable-ended conservatory is elegant and refined, offering beautiful elevations. Windows expand all the way to the roof, providing massive light and depth. Available in a variety of decorative finishes, our gable conservatories are capable of enhancing your property and adding exceptional value.

Particularly suited to older style properties, this classic conservatory will enhance your property by lending it a stately feel. Attractive, the gable conservatory is influenced by an age of elegant architecture. This original style can be seen in many stately British homes.

Unlike the Edwardian or Victorian design, the traditional style has a vertical roof rather than a sloping roof section. This brings in maximum light and gives a spacious feeling inside.

A gable conservatory is a superb way of creating added depth, light and space. This spacious and open room is ideal for entertaining family, friends and guests. Whether you use your gable conservatory as a sitting room, family room or dining room, this style will offer a generous floor space.

Features & Benefits

Square or rectangular in structure, gable conservatories allow you to make the most of your available floor space. This style will certainly enhancing the appearance of your home, it’s innovative design maximises sunlight through its clever vertical roof design and can be designed to meet property requirements on a variety of homes.

Gable Conservatories in Polegate

Spectacular Roof

Inspired by the roof most commonly used in your average property, the gable conservatory roof meets in the middle of the structure. Gable conservatories are renowned for their unique sloping roofs and this classic structure is indeed admired by many home owners.

Combining form with function, this high vaulted roof enhances all available light. Best suited to high ceilinged homes, the gable conservatory is elevated at the front, with windows extending all the way to the apex of its roof.

Gable Conservatories in East Sussex

Traditional Design

Available in various authentic decorative and practical finishes, gable conservatories can be designed to complement your property’s existing aesthetics. The sun burst effect for example, is a popular style which is placed on the front of the conservatory.

This sun burst effect incorporates an image of a rising sun and is a traditional element of the gable conservatory. Simpler designs are also available for those who prefer a simpler, subtler looking style.

Gable Conservatory


Highly versatile, the gable conservatory isn’t just restricted to period style homes. New builds and even properties with low roofs can also benefit from this eye catching conservatory. Impressive from every angle, the gable gives your property that ‘WOW’ factor.

Bungalows and even other height-restricted properties have the option of a hipped-back roof to incorporate this sensational design.

Gable Conservatory

Low Maintenance Design

Our uPVC gable conservatories are extremely low maintenance. Using advanced uPVC technology, our gable conservatories are easy to clean and will never require re-painting. High energy efficiency comes as standard on all our conservatories. Designed to provide a warm and comfortable space all year round, you will enjoy the gable’s lasting benefits for many years to come.

Gable Conservatory Prices

Discover the cost of gable conservatory styles in East Sussex using our easy to use cost calculator. Simply choose your gable conservatory style to get and instant cost. Each quote is completely tailored to your specifications, allowing you to get a unique conservatory price. See our gable conservatory prices.