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A Rough Guide to Conservatories in East Sussex!

For all you people out there looking to expand their East Sussex home with an amazing new conservatory, then you’ve come to the right place. Whether your home is in Eastbourne, Polegate, Seaford, East Dean and the Surrounding East Sussex area, we can tell you now that we’ve got the right conservatory for you.

So why not have a read through our in depth guide on the wide variety of conservatories we have on offer to any and all of our customers in and around the East Sussex area.

Windows Xpress are Proud Installers of Conservatories

Here at Windows Xpress, we are truly proud of the conservatories that we are able to provide home owners in East Sussex. We’ve been supplying and installing these lavish new extensions to home owners across East Sussex for over 20 years, so you know that we are a double glazing company you trust.

What’s more we come with a wealth of double glazing accreditations, including being a fully tested and vetted member of The Double Glazing Network. In order to be a member of The Double Glazing Network, we had to be fully tested to be of the highest quality, providing the best service possible as well as the best double glazing products on the market.

Conservatories in Polegate, East Sussex

But wait, there’s even more to tell you! We always like to let home owners looking for a conservatory in East Sussex that we are also fully Certass accredited, meaning that all of our installations are fully compliant with building regulations, and if anything were to go wrong with your new uPVC windows, uPVC doors, or your lovely new conservatory, it will be fully backed by the local authorities.

We are also proud suppliers of the incredibly robust and innovative Liniar profiling system, which means that all of our double glazing products, including our uPVC windows, uPVC doors and all of our fantastic selection of conservatories, are thermally efficient, and aesthetically pleasing. This means that any property owner in East Sussex looking for a fantastic double glazing product, will get the very best of both worlds.

Getting a Price For Your New Living Space

double glazing prices Eastbourne, East SussexIf you’re after a price for your new conservatory in Eastbourne, Polegate or wherever in East Sussex you may be, Windows Xpress can supply with a price without you ever having to leave the comfort of your own home!

Take a look at our very own bespoke online price generator and quote builder, to give you some of the most competitive double glazing prices in the East Sussex area. Even if it’s not a conservatory you are after, we can provide you with a free no obligation quote for uPVC windows and uPVC doors!

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and give it a try, just make sure you have your required measurements at the ready, and you’re good to go!

Choosing Your Style of Conservatory

Choosing the right style of conservatory can be a tough ordeal. This is definitely no choosing what to have for dinner, once it’s finished you’ve got to be sure you’ll be happy with it for as long as you live in your home in East Sussex.

But fear not, as we have got for you here a run through of each of the different styles of conservatory that we offer to home owners looking for conservatories in East Sussex!


Are you a very traditional person when it comes to life? Are you willing to take that one step further with your new conservatory? Then why not consider the installation of a Victorian style conservatory, probably our most popular traditional design that our customer in East Sussex choose from.

The Victorian conservatory will be a beautiful new addition to your home that will enhance not only the value of your property, but because of the materials that are used in the construction and installation of your new living space, you will benefit from a highly enhanced aesthetic improvement combined with modern technology.


Looking for something a bit more classic but not as traditional as the Victorian conservatory? Take a look at our Edwardian conservatories that come in a comprehensive range of styles and finishes, tailor made to suit your every conservatory desire!

conservatories in East SussexThe Edwardian conservatory will make a fantastic addition to your East Sussex home. Combining functionality and style, the Edwardian conservatory is usually simple in its design and tends to feature stand out symmetrical shapes with beautiful but subtle finishing touches.

This ensures that your new Edwardian conservatory will not completely hog the limelight from your main property, but will stand out on its own like the unique conservatory that it is

When comparing this style to the Victorian conservatory, the Edwardian likes to keep it’s ornamentation to more of a minimum, and instead fully utilises the excellent amount of space that it will provide your home in East Sussex. It is the perfect conservatory to fill with your own lush furnishings.


Concerned about the cost of conservatories in East Sussex? We have the best cost effective way in which you can add that brand new living space for you and your home!

So why not consider a Lean-To conservatory? The Lean-To is a simple and highly cost effective way of adding a new extension to your home. Symmetrical in its structural design the Lean-To is perfect for those on a budget and those with limited and restricted space.

This ever popular style of conservatory in East Sussex can be tailor made to properties that feature awkward spaces, but will never ever compromise on the aesthetics of your home.

More Conservatories in East Sussex

At Windows Xpress we’re not only limited to the Victorian, Edwardian and Lean-To conservatories, these are just a small selection of what we offer to home owners looking for a conservatory in East Sussex and the surrounding area.

We also offer the popular and traditional Gable conservatory, the combinational P-shaped conservatory and we also offer beautiful new Orangeries. It doesn’t matter the style you’re after, here at Windows Xpress in Polegate, we are always available and happy to assist you in getting that wonderful new extension to your home in East Sussex.conservatories in Eastbourne, East Sussex

Contact Windows Xpress

So, you’ve reached the end of this great big article about all the different conservatories we supply to homes in East Sussex and the surrounding areas, but you’re still after something more? Why not make the next move and get in touch with us here at Windows Xpress?

Our incredibly friendly and expert staff will always be on hand to help you make that incredibly important decision on which conservatory is the right one for you!

You can contact us directly on 01323 488729, or alternatively check out our contact area for more ways of getting in touch and getting more information on our great selection of conservatories that will no doubt suit your Eastbourne, Polegate or East Sussex home down to the ground!