Innovative Tilt & Turn Action

  • Safe & Easy Cleaning
  • 100% Lead Free & Eco-Friendly
  • A+ Energy Rated
  • Contemporary Design
  • Secure Ventilation
  • British Manufactured
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Tilt and Turn Windows in Polegate

We offer a stylish and contemporary range of uPVC tilt and turn windows in East Sussex. Our smart tilt and turn windows are both attractive and functional, combining quality aesthetics with ground-breaking design.

Whether you are after a scenic view or looking for safe and secure ventilation, our versatile tilt and turn windows never fail to impress. This extremely secure and sleek design is transferable across both modern and traditional properties, with each window being tailor made to suit your requirements. Get instant tilt and turn window prices.

How Do Tilt and Turn Windows Work?

This innovative design can be ‘tilted’ inwards for easy access. This secure yet sleek design is very simple to operate. Our Liniar tilt and turn windows also have the advantage of a 90 degree turning action which allows the window to be easily accessed from both inside and out. These modern uPVC windows let in lots of fresh air and cleaning really couldn’t be simpler.

Tilt and Turn Windows Polegate

Secure Ventilation

Their dual functionality makes them ideal for high rise accommodations. The tilt and turn facility provides you with additional ventilation without compromising your safety and security.

Our Liniar tilt and turn windows can be positioned into a tilt only angle which works by creating a very small opening at the top of the window, thus allowing fresh air to circulate whilst keeping your property safe.

Tilt and Turn Windows in East Sussex

Weather Resistant

A continuous rebate gasket prevents unwanted condensation from forming. The seal also helps to improve sound insulation, minimising outside noises.

A 'FerGUar Silver' surface coating is used to ensure long term protection against rust and corrosion. Our Tilt and turn windows are guaranteed not to rot or fade, giving you long lasting security and beautiful aesthetics.

Tilt and Turn Window

Easy Cleaning

A 90 ° turn action allows for easy cleaning, which is particularly beneficial for those who live in high rise apartments. Their dual turn action makes for safe and simple cleaning of both the outside and in, without having to step outside.

Tilt and Turn Window

Uninterrupted Seal

Our Liniar tilt and turn windows feature a continuous rebate gasket for enhanced weather resistance. The gasket works to reduce the risk of condensation whilst simultaneously improving acoustics.

High Security Window Locks

Our Liniar uPVC tilt and turn windows are highly secure. They come fitted and approved with the Yale locking system as standard. The most recognised locking system in Europe, Yale provides exceptional security for your windows. All of our lock are specified to the highest of standards and come with a 10 year security guarantee.

100% Lead Free & Environmentally Friendly

Made from 100% lead free materials, our revolutionary Liniar tilt and turn windows are an environmentally friendly product. Meeting UK and EU legislation ahead of time, our uPVC windows are designed to be better for you home and the environment, promoting eco-friendly technology.

Strong and robust, our windows do not need steel reinforcement. Therefore, they are 100% recyclable making our uPVC tilt and turn windows a truly 'green' product. When you choose out tilt and turn windows in East Sussex, not only will you be improving the value of your home, you will also be helping to contribute towards a greener environment.