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Sash Horn Windows in Polegate

Preserve the authenticity of your East Sussex home with our classic, hand finished uPVC sash horn windows. Superior in form and functionality, our Liniar sash horn windows combine classic aesthetics with modern uPVC materials resulting in a durable and authentic looking window.

Our uPVC sash horn windows can be used for both new build and refurbishment installations. Available in variety of styles, shapes and sizes, our timeless collection of uPVC sash windows are suited to a wide range of properties. Choose from an extensive collection of colour, foils and painted finishes and discover the perfect match for your home.

Features & Benefits

A superb option for period homes, our replacement uPVC sash horn windows contain all the benefits of advanced uPVC engineering. Our elegant and pioneering designs are energy efficient, durable and offer high security.

Manufactured the highest of specifications, our replacement uPVC sash windows are extremely low maintenance and will never rot, warp or require re-painting.

Sash Horn Windows in Polegate

Traditional Appearance

Originally a traditional feature of timber sash windows, wooden sash horns were designed to strengthen the joints of the sashes, preventing them from being opened too far.

Our uPVC sash horns make our sash windows virtually indistinguishable from traditional timber windows.

Sash horns are integrated into the sash frame for authenticity and are a continuation of the frame itself. Our integrated horns offer beautiful aesthetics, providing a super sleek look.

A uPVC sash horn also makes for a stronger corner joint too which is why our uPVC sash windows are extremely long lasting.

Sash Horn Windows in East Sussex

Superior Insulation

Our Liniar sash horn windows are extremely thermally efficient, offering an A+ energy rating as standard. By installing our uPVC sash horn windows, you will benefit from free solar heat gain resulting in cheaper energy bills - something every modern home owner will be pleased with.

Our Liniar sash horn windows will effectively reduce your carbon footprint by keeping warm air inside where it belongs. Benefit from superior insulation whilst knowing you are contributing to a greener environment.Whats not to love about an eco-friendly home?

Using 100% lead free materials, our sash horn windows are better for your property and the environment.

Sash Horn Window

High Security

Advanced locking systems are supplied as standard. Our high security shoot bolt locking mechanisms are highly resistant to break-ins, providing the ultimate protection.

Liniar sash horn windows are built to provide the ultimate protection. Their incredible resistance to break-ins makes them the perfect choice for a sash window replacement.

Sash Horn Window

Triple Chambered Profile

Our energy efficient sash horn windows have a triple chambered profile for superior insulation. Our Liniar windows also feature low iron glass on the outside and Low E glass on the inside, ensuring energy loss is kept to a minimum.

Energy efficiency is imperative to the overal performance and effectiveness of your windows.Windows Xpress are accredited by the BFRC so you can be assured of high quality windows.

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