Double Glazed Windows Eastbourne

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Double Glazed Windows Eastbourne

Are you looking for beautiful double glazed windows in the Eastbourne area? Here at Windows Xpress, we can help you find the perfect solution to your double glazing problems!

From uPVC, to aluminium – we’ve got your double glazed windows covered. Combining energy-efficient profiles with robust, highly-secure locking systems, your new double glazed windows from Windows Xpress are sure to keep your family safe and warm this winter.

From the traditional style double glazed Sash Horn Windows to ultra-modern made-to-measure Tilt and Turn Windows, rest assured Eastbourne’s Windows Xpress will cater for your every need!

Double Glazing and its Benefits

Wherever you are in the Eastbourne area, we know that if it’s double glazed windows you after, security is as key to your satisfaction as comfort is.

This is why we offer both excellent Yale-lock security and the energy-efficient environment our multi-chambered, Liniar uPVC windows provide.

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Windows Xpress Online Guide to Double Glazed Windows

It’s not just unbeatable quality double glazing we pride ourselves in; we at Windows Xpress, Eastbourne lead the way when it comes to style too.

Take a look at our wide range of the very best double glazing windows online. I think you’ll agree, we offer the most stylish uPVC windows in the industry!

Casement Window

Double Glazed Casement Windows

Our double glazed Casement Windows are carefully manufactured, using highly advanced hardware that is tested to 20,000 cycles. Their stainless steel friction stays achieve superb protection, and Liniar’s uPVC offers a fantastic A+12 WER energy rating!

Using Liniar’s superior gaskets for our double glazed Casement Windows brings unrivalled thermal efficiency, saving you money on heating bills and making your home more weather proof.

For a clean, contemporary look, choose our beautiful double glazed Casement Windows. With their chambered rebate detail, they’re a fantastic choice for home-owners looking to add sophistication to their East Sussex property.


Double Glazed French Casement WindowsFrench Casement Window

Choose our double glazed French Casement Windows for beautiful design, combined with clever ventilation techniques. Using only the very best eco-friendly uPVC from Liniar, our double glazed French Casement Windows combine beauty and style to achieve a truly superior result.

Using 100% lead-free uPVC, our double glazed French Casement Windows are incredibly eco-friendly, achieving fantastic energy ratings from BFRC. Here at Windows Xpress we are passionate about reducing our carbon footprint, which is why it’s a must for our products to be as energy efficient as possible.

They feature controlled ventilation techniques, allowing both vents to be open fully as well as independently. This gives you the benefits of secure ventilation, as well as making them compliant with Part B of building regulations, which gives them the functionality of fire escapes. Our beautiful double glazed French Casement Windows give you perfect ventilation, while maintaining modern security measures as a priority.


Double Glazed Bow and Bay Windowsdouble glazing eastbourne

Looking for double glazed windows with a smooth, sleek profile? Choose our uPVC Bow and Bay Windows, as their beautiful designs are sure to impress.

Using slim frames, our double glazed Bow and Bay Windows are very well suited to decorative options such as Georgian bars and Diamond lead. Available in a range of styles including three facet, box bay and five facet designs, we really can tailor your new windows to suit your specifications.

Reaching A+ energy ratings, our double glazed Bow and Bay Windows are a fantastic energy efficient option. Using a multi-chambered profile from Liniar, they are the most energy-efficient uPVC windows on the market, and are very easy to clean and maintain.


Double Glazed Sash Horn WindowsSash Horn Window

For beautiful, traditional double glazed windows, choose our Sash Horn Windows. They hold the beautiful aesthetics of timber, while maintaining the high-security measures of the 21st century.

They are fitted with Yale shoot-bolt locking systems as standard, which are highly robust and are installed with a mechanical guarantee for 10 years. Here at Windows Xpress security is a top priority, and we believe that your family can never be too safe.

Using Liniar’s triple-chambered profile, your property will keep its warmth for longer, because of the fantastic insulation property of the uPVC. Choose our double glazed Sash Horn Windows today to keep your Eastbourne home warm and secure.

Double Glazed Tilt and Turn Windowsdouble glazing tilt and turn

Our double glazed Tilt and Turn Windows are an excellent option if you’re looking for secure ventilation. Their ground-breaking design incorporates a function that allows the windows to be tilted inwards, making them easy to operate and bringing a fresh breeze into your property.

With the advantage of 90˚ turning action, the window can be easily accessible from both inside and out. This brings in plenty of fresh air, and makes cleaning simple! If you’re living in a high-rise property, these double glazed windows are perfect, as you can clean them from the inside.

Featuring a continuous rebate gasket makes them incredibly weather resistant. This acts as an uninterrupted seal, preventing condensation and improving acoustics. Choose double glazed Tilt and Turn Windows from Windows Xpress for fantastic ventilation that keeps condensation at bay.

Double Glazed Vertical Sliding Sash Windowsvertical-sliding-sash-2

Our double glazed Vertical Sliding Sash Windows have been designed with the modern home-owner in mind. They are built to slide either vertically downwards or upwards, and offer easy access as well as fantastic ventilation!

Eco-slide uPVC Sliding Sash Windows are have fantastic energy ratings, and have achieved fantastic results in regard to BS. 6375 testing (Air Infiltration and Water Permeability). Using toughened glass, these double glazed windows offer fantastic energy-efficiency and insulation, but also incorporate superior security.

For fantastic double glazed windows that are easy to use and offer superb energy efficiency and security, choose our Vertical Sliding Sash Windows today!

Double Glazed Aluminium Windows

For maintenance-free double glazed windows that have superb durability benefits, take a look at our Aluminium Windows. Made using Smart Architectural Aluminium, they offer a contemporary design and are available in a range of sophisticated styles.

Our double glazed Aluminium Windows are incredibly robust and thermally efficient. They use Thermal Break Technology which reduces the chance of condensation, as warm air will stay in your Eastbourne property for longer.

Aluminium is highly resistant to the effects of Mother Nature – its appearance will not be affected by harsh weather conditions. This makes it incredibly easy to maintain, as they will never crack, warp or require additional work. Available in a range of RAL colours, double glazed Aluminium Windows will perfectly complement a range of Eastbourne homes!

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